The 10 Elements Of Life

Below are The 10 Elements Of Life
The first element and the source of all civilization, people who can control this element can bestow power to themselves and those they choose, and if used to attack, fire can burn both the soul and the body of the enemy.
Lightning Bolt
The strongest and fastest element in nature physically, the one who can control this element can increase attack agility and can make critical hits which multiply the damage ratio. This is done for both the individual and their team.
Terra Firma (Earth)
The basic element for all life, it helps owners to maximize their defense and can buff the defense of those they choose.
Element that sustains life, those own this ability can use this element to restore energy (MANA) for themselves and those they choose. It can also be used in battle to slow down enemies by creating a shell that makes enemies look like they're surrounded by water, thereby decreasing their movement and attack speed.
Pitch Darkness
Humans always panic when they see the dark, so very few people can manipulate the power of this element. The possessor of Pitch Darkness can temporarily blind opponents by covering their eyes with Pitch Darkness and controlling their minds by inhibiting a fear of the dark. Even if the enemy tries to fight, their attack accuracy gets reduced greatly.
The Soul
The combination of fire and darkness creates Soul. This element allows the owner to manipulate the souls of others. When used to attack, they can take enemies' souls, and occupy their bodies and control them. When used for summoning, the possessor can summon souls thereby resurrecting and commanding corpses of dead enemies.
Light of the Cosmos
A combination of the Eternal Flame and Lighting bolt, two purifying elements, allowing the user to heal themselves and their teammates. Gives the user the ability to free themselves and their allies from dark magic, making them a 'breaker of all spells', no matter how powerful.
An invisible element, but it provides a formidable power. It causes enemies to get stunned, rendering them useless to attack for a while. It decreases attack damage of enemies, and user can buff magic resistance for themselves and teammates.
Whoever owns this element can control trees and animals from any jungle. They can summon trees to tie enemies and call animals to attack viscously. A special ability: user increases the maximum health for themselves and the ones they choose.
The user of this element can attack enemies that have thick armor. Poison will burn through armor and cause health damage. Can reduce armor resistance and magic resistance for enemies.
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