Crypto Metropolis

Crypto Metropolis

The Story Of Crypto Metropolis

The Grand Master

Our story begins in the Zenith Solar System, on a planet called Decentra, 15,000 parsecs from our beloved Earth. Decentra is home to 'ENDOR': a vast land where ancient, dark magic and ordinary life co-exist. In this land, humans live their lives staying within the 4 walls of the city, protected by the 4 castles of Endor. These walls and castles protect the humans from supernatural entities (called The Apparitions) that have been plaguing Endor: spirits who possess the ability to wield terrifying dark magic. The city had seen glimpses of their evil attacks in plenty of previous encounters, but the city and most of its inhabitants had remained safe due to the bravery and power of one man: Grand Master Maldoom. He was a symbol of hope for the people of Endor, who cherished his existence through the generations, and looked up to him in times of distress and despair.
Grand Master Maldoom had 2 disciples that he loved dearly, namely Cronos and Cetrius. These two were the most decorated soldiers in the GUILD RESISTANCE, and the only students Grand Master Maldoom ever had, but no one at that time knew or understood why. Cronos and Cetrius were opposite in nature, with conflicting personalities. Cronos was extremely strong willed and hard working, resolute in the face of adversity. A workhorse who took pride in powering through hardships. Cetrius on the other hand had a genius level IQ, was a martial arts champion, and an avid learner / researcher of the mystic arts. He always looked for the shortest possible route as a solution.
As time passed, BOTH of these two learned how to wield ALL of the 10 Elements Of Life from Grand Master Maldoom, and they eventually became the most skilled warriors in all of the galaxies in the Universe. With their newly attained powers, Cronos and Cetrius protected Endor from attacks from The Apparitions, and with them doing most of the work, Grand Master Maldoom was able to live longer as he didn't have to use 'the key of time' that often to save Endor.

The Story Of 'The Keeper Of Time' and 'The Infinity'

With the ability to control the 10 Elements Of Life, Grand Master Maldoom learnt how to grow enchanted trees that helped him to prolong his life and to practice magic unlike anyone else in the whole universe. He understood that placing these trees in Endor was very dangerous, as the greed for this power would spread not only amongst the Apparitions, but also amongst humans. Something had to be done to ensure the continuation of these enchanted trees.
Grand Master Maldoom had a secret: He had learnt how to synthesize the 10 Elements Of Life to create a 'key', and by doing this had attained the mantle of 'The Keeper Of Time'. With this ability, he was able to open a portal in SpaceTime to travel to a place known only as 'The Infinity'. He realized that he could use this portal to save countless lives in Endor. But with great power comes great responsibility, and even greater liability. Every time Grand Master Maldoom used the Elements Of Life to open a portal, it took a vast toll on his body, shortening his life span, making him MORTAL. We finally understand the reason why Grand Master Maldoom chose Cronos and Cetrius as his students, and later on the reason for Cronos to create the 'Army Of Light'. It was to protect The Keeper Of Time and the charms'.
Grand Master Maldoom's purpose for finding The Infinity was to hide the Enchanted Trees and their power from the legions of Apparitions looking to harvest and wield this power. Later on in his life, he only granted permission to Cronos and Cetrius to use the dimensional portal to travel between The Infinity and Endor. To protect this 'key', Grand Master Maldoom hid 4 charms in the 4 corners of Endor, away from the reaches of men and any apparitions. This would later on be the mission of Cetrius: To destroy the 4 temples protecting the 4 charms of Grand Master Maldoom, and to re-open the SpaceTime portal between Endor and The Infinity.
The Elemental Grid: 10 Elements Of Life

The fall of Cetrius and the Legion of Doom

In Endor, Cetrius was quite often regarded as the smartest being in the whole universe. They often praised him for his wits and his physical prowess over his peers. But as he learnt of his above-normal capabilities, a cloud of ego started casting a shadow on young Cetrius, who would learn to put down others who were not as capable as him, and found pleasure in this. During his time in the Guild Resistance, he rose up the ranks quickly due to his loyalty and skillset. But still, there was a darkness in him that was suppressed, and he did a good job of hiding it in front of Cronos and Grand master Maldoom.
During his training, young Cetrius would feel an energy passing through his body that no body else felt, not even Cronos. Not knowing what this was, he approached Grand Master Maldoom, seeking understanding. He was guided on how to control his power, and was taught to never let it consume him. Cetrius struggled with this, often letting the darkness take control and turn him into a relentless, unforgiving mercenary, never caring about any collateral damage or the wake of destruction that he left in his path. In battles against the apparitions, he was uncompromising, almost as if his mind was being controlled. The Grand Master could see the root of evil taking shape in his disciple, and doubted his ability to refrain from turning evil. This was the reason Grand Master Maldoom chose Cronos as the new Keeper Of Time instead of Cetrius.
Outraged by his master's decision, Cetrius challenged Grand Master Maldoom to a battle till death, and the winner takes the mantle of 'The Keeper Of Time'. Grand Master Maldoom made quick work of his student, defeating him easily in all forms of battle. But due to the love he felt for Cetrius, he could not finish him. Instead, Grand Master Maldoom banished him from The Infinity forever, and cast him back out into Endor.
Cetrius did not accept defeat, and gradually was completely overcome by his need for vengeance against his old master and his fellow student. He used his intellect and magic abilities to become a powerful Dark Lord, and eventually the leader of the "Legion Of Doom": A Dark army comprised of derelict evil spirits and souls of the innocent that had been captured and converted onto the dark path. Cetrius had only one goal: To find and destroy the 4 temples protecting the 4 charms, and use those charms to get the 'Key' to The Infinity, and destroy it.
Cetrius - Leader of the Legion Of Doom

Cronos and Crypto Metropolis

After being trained by Grand Master Maldoom alongside Cetrius, Cronos became the next generation of the 'Keeper Of Time' and took on the mission of protecting 'Endor'.
When Grand Master Maldoom was on his death bed, Cronos was warned about the Legion Of Doom and The Great War that will be waged on Endor for the next 20 years. After his passing, Cronos re-named The Infinity to Crypto Metropolis: The place where elite warriors were taught the ways of the 10 Elements Of Life, and the battlefield for the The Great War.
Cronos's mission was to find the 5 Apocalyptic Knights to join him in leading the "Legion Of Light" to prepare for the battle of their lives against Cetrius and the "Legion Of Doom".
Cronos - Leader Of The Legion Of Light


The 10 Elements Of Life and their Synthesis

There many kinds of elements with different types of energies spread across the cosmos. Out there in the vastness of the universe were the 5 Elements Of Power that, in turn, gave rise to 5 more Elements Of Valor. This collective of 10 came to be known as the Elements Of Life, and could be synthesized together to bend space and time. The ability to wield all 10 Elements Of Life was attained by very few in the cosmos, and those who were able to came to be known as the 'Keeper Of Time'. These elements could also be used individually based on their specific qualities, bestowing its wielder with elemental powers.
In the history of Endor, there were many magicians who were able to wield 1 of these 10 elements. They were known as 'The Alchemists', and they either chose to protect Endor from the Apparitions, or they became scholars who spent their life delving deeper into the core of their chosen element, and teach its knowledge to others who would protect Endor.
Neither Cronos or Cetrius ever knew how Grand Master Maldoom was able to synthesize the 10 Elements Of Life together so quickly, because it took Cronos 10 years despite having dedicated guidance and training.
The Door Of Space-Time

The Art Of Bending Space-Time

The Art Of Bending Space-Time is the highest level of control over the ten Elements Of Life that any being in the cosmos can attain, and this gives them the mantle of 'The Keeper Of Time'. This was Grand Master Maldoom's greatest achievement. The art of Bending Space-Time consists of two main secret techniques:

Space Portal

The first level of space-time articulation is to bend space and open the dimensional portal. The user of this art can open a dimensional portal that allows him to pass through and travel to another place immediately. There were only three people known to be capable of using this ability: Grand Master Maldoom and his two disciples Cronos and Cetrius.

Time Lock

The final level in controlling the ten Elements Of Life is to break the time lock: users can travel through time to change the events in that timeline according to their will. This is a very rare type of magic that has rarely been used throughout history. Until the time Grand Master Maldoom learnt how to use it, NO magician in Endor had ever even heard of something like this existing.
In his life, the Grand Master had only traveled to the future once to confirm the outcome of the path that Cetrius was on. His other time travels had only been back-in-time, where he used his power to stop the most powerful enemies from slaughtering innocent people in 'Endor'. He believed this ability to have a dark side to it, as it reduced the lifespan of the user.