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Vanessa The Vigilante

How she became a magician
Vanessa The Vigilante
The land of South Endor is rich and beautiful with long prairies and beautiful fields of roses. The people live here in peace and prosperity, the social order in this sector is always guaranteed. South Endor prospered under the rule of King Arthur, and aided by the glorious Ikarus family, the chiefs of South Endor's council that protected against evil spirits and the apparitions. This was the most peaceful land in the whole Endor realm. The South Endor area was known for the fewest cases of evil spirits attacking humans in the past year. But why is a beautiful area like South Endor so less attacked?
To uncover the reason for this, when South Endor was still having magical battles between magicians who could control the elements and the apparitions(evil spirits that can use sorcery and dark magic to control the minds of people). As evil spirits made of dark energy, the apparitions used the fear of humans to manipulate and drain magical power from them, gaining in their own energy. This is why Fire and Light were the best elements against them. The council would employ people to ensure that there was a fire burning in every corner of the district and hence there was always light.
South Endo's dark day begins when the apparitions were no longer afraid of this light. On a rainy and windy night, a loud shrieking scream came from King Arthur's room, and that marked the tragedy of South Endo: the King, after returning to his room late from a political meeting, witnessed with his own eyes his queen that he loved so much, the leader of the South Endo magician corps, had been drained of her spiritual energy by the apparitions and had died. The scariest thing of all was that this was done right under the light of the same fires that were lit every night throughout South Endo. This was a clear declaration of war by the Apparition dark army when killing the leader of the magician corps, the queen of South Endo. A sense of fear covered the whole of South Endo - The Apparition dark army was no longer afraid of fire and light.
After that night, the capital became a breeding ground for fear, one after another the magicians fell, helpless alone against the darkness. The queen of South Endo had died, screams, crying in the night, mourning and death covered the whole South Endo world.
Overcoming the pain of losing his wife, King Arthur ordered McGregor Ikarus, the chief of the Ikarus fire handlers, to form an emergency response team that would later become South Endo's fire corps instructed to fight the growing Apparition army. Strengthened by absorbing the spiritual energy of the magicians in the city. King Arthur ordered the creation of a tower called Mecca, where all spirit bearers and magicians resided under the protection of the fire legion Ikarus. In fact, having to live in this tower, even though it deprived them of their freedom, was the safest place to avoid the Apparition's attack. South Endo's life returned to peace as all magicians and spiritual children were protected in the Mecca. In the 10 years since the tower was built, the Apparitions were rarely seen again.
The Apparitions, while away, had been planning to attack South Endo yet again, but this time they were meticulous with their attack: They chose to hit the Ikarus family: The couple Mcgregor Ikarus and their young daughter Vanessa Ikarus, who carries pure spiritual energy, flawless in form. When the Apparitions attacked the Ikarus family, the husband and wife fought valiantly to protect Vanessa, but were not able to stop them. In order to save Vanessa, the couple sacrified themselves to give their power to Vanessa, in hopes of awakening the Flame Of The Phoenix in her. As Vanessa lay there unconscious, with the flame burning inside her, In their last moments, her parents summoned the help of the Keeper Of Time, hoping that something could be done to save Vanessa.
To their amazement, Cronos and Ronin The Avenger appeared through a SpaceTime portal, but they were too late. The Apparitions had killed the parents, and were trying to pull the Flame Of The Phoenix from Vanessa. Ronin broke out into a battle with the Apparitions, while Cronos focused his efforts to save Vanessa's life. After slaying the Apparitions, Vanessa was saved and peace was restored to South Endo. Cronos decided to take Vanessa under his wing and become his disciple, as he did not want her power to fall into the hands of the Apparitions. As time went by, she became a member of the temple knights, and she learnt from Cronos that Cetrius was behind the apparitions being able to counter fire and light. Vanessa became the guardian of the temple of South Endo, and became known throughout the land as Vanessa The Vigilante.

Vanessa has the following skills:

Fire Ball
Releases a massive fireball attack on an enemy, when it touches the ground, fire ball explodes and causes area damage, this damage increase follows LEVEL.
Molten Shield
If used on an enemy, this skill will become a "fire charm" the enemy will slow down and be lit on fire for a period of time and will eventually explode dealing a large amount of damage.
Angry Flame
VANESSA'S basic attacks and skills leave a mark on the enemy. When there are 5 marks on the enemy, they will be stunned for a period of time. This skill will inflict an Ignite effect with leveled damage on enemies hit by Fire Ball and Meteor Showers for a period of time.
Meteor Shower
Release a Meteor Shower that deals magic damage in an area. Targets in the Meteor area are affected reducing Attack Speed and Movement Speed.