Crypto Metropolis

Character NFTs

Each character in the game as an NFT
  1. 1.
Character NFTs are limited NFTs representing the player's Heroes in Crypto Metropolis. Currently there are 5 types of heroes in the game.
These will be minted initially and sold on following chains:
Native Chain
Initial # Of NFTs Minted
Ronin The Avenger
Vanessa The Vigilante
Marcus The Protector
Akiko The Enchantress
Vanatos The Phantom Hunter
Character NFTs
2. Uses Of Character NFTs:
Collecting And Trading:
Each NFT is made up of different parts. This allowed our artists to apply their talent to create NFTs that are each one of a kind.
The lower the percentage of people who own parts of the same type as your NFT, the more valuable your NFT.
The NFTs are limited in number, and only minted by the "self-mint by owner" mechanism. The composition of these NFTs is based on the rarity of these parts, and these clearly show the % of other NFTs of the same type with the same characteristics.
Players will be able to compare and price their NFTs easily, and they can exchange them on NFT marketplaces such as Binance NFT, Solsea and Opensea.
CTM will also release its own Marketplace (according to the project roadmap) to give investors more options when exchanging their NFTs.
Staking and Minting
a. Staking for NFT Land:
Users who hold character NFTs have the option to get on the whitelist of CTM's NFT Land Sale.
b. Staking for Character NFTs Minting Lotteries:
To expand the CTM ecosystem and increase the total supply of character NFTs, the developers have given each NFT the ability to mint another. This will be done through a lottery system, where the user can stake their character NFT and in return can get the opportunity to mint a new NFT.