Crypto Metropolis

Marcus The Protector

Story of MARCUS
Marcus The Protector
In the whole of Endor, there was one place that Evil Spirits never dared to enter, which was West Endor. This place was in complete contrast to the richness of the South Endor region: West Endo was cold all year round, covered with white snow, no creatures could survive in this area, hence none dared to set foot here. West Endor was known to be sacred land, where the human world met 'the spirit world', and those who risked their lives to set foot here never returned.
But there was a strange phenomenon, at the end of the West Endo region, there was a mountain surrounded by a large forest which contained giant trees which were thousands of years old, streams of fresh water, and caves that no one had ever set foot in. Inside this mountain, there were many kinds of rare minerals and metals. And there were two types that were most sought after by humans: 'Resist Evil Spirit Stone' and the metal 'Rhodium'. Resist Evil Spirit Stone is a stone that the blacksmith god inlaid into weapons for other gods. Once an Apparition saw the aura emanating from it, it did not dare to approach, because once touched, the Evil Spirit would immediately be killed and dissipated. Rhodium is an extremely rare metal, hard, never corroded or rusted. When anyone carries a piece of Rhodium on their body, all poisons in the body are neutralized.
Due to the recent continuous attacks of the Apparitions, the demand for 'Resist Spirit Stone' and 'Rhodium' by the rich was constantly increasing, causing miners and goldsmiths to race to find and exploit it to the point of exhaustion. Some reckless people, hungry for wealth, began to enter the sacred land of West Endo hoping to find the 'Resist Evil Spirit Stone' and 'Rhodium'.
Vlara, one of the the stronger apparitions (and also their leader in the West Endo region) heard about this news. Furious and enraged, he devised a brutal plan to take the lives of all those who dared to come to West Endor. Among those who came to West Endor were the father and son duo of Vulcan and Marcus. Unlike the others, their goal was revenge. Marcus was a smart and obedient child; he used what was passed down to him from his father to cure diseases and dark magic for people affected by the apparition attacks . Having lost his mother in an attack by the legions led by Vlara, Marcus followed his father into the Forest of Tranquility when he was only 5 years old.
But Marcus was also just a boy, playful curious. One day, he was playing outside the vision of his father, and was discovered and killed by Vlara. Vulcan, who couldn't find his son began to worry. When he finally found him, he realize that almost all of Marcus's body was destroyed by Vlara, and he died in Vulcan's arms. Vulcan screamed despairingly, recalling how his wife was killed in a similar fashion. He held onto the 'Resist Evil Spirit ' Stone as hard as he could, and started praying.
As he was praying, Vulcan saw a bright streak of light, and then a SpaceTime portal opened infront of him. Out of the portal came Cronos, who saw a broken Vulcan in tears, holding his son Marcus in his arms. Cronos took Marcus and Vulcan to Crypto Metropolis, where they were safe. Once there, Cronos gave Marcus life energy using the 'Resist Evil Spirit' Stone, and built a body for him out of Rhodium. This combination gave Marcus not only his life and body back, but gave him unimaginable power.
With his new body, Marcus began his training under Cronos, and Vulcan was finally able to be at peace. Marcus was eventually entrusted by Cronos to be one of the 4 temple keepers.

Marcus has the following skills:

MARCUS punches the ground, causing an earthquake that deals physical damage to nearby enemies. In addition, when performing this attack, he gains a Shield around his body.
The Indomitable Machine
When using this skill, MARCUS will increase Armor and Magic Resistance, Attack Speed and Movement Speed in a period of time. In addition, the 4th attack will cause a mini-stun to the enemy with an amount of physical damage
Energy Reactor
When Marcus's HP drops below 50% in combat, this Hero will be able to use Energy Core (which can be activated earlier, it is a semi-passive skill) to
Change mana to health following to a certain ratio, AD will be increased according to the reduction of HP.
Fire Beam
Marcus uses an energy core to unleash a firestorm in a straight line and deal area damage. Immediately upon hit, the enemies take AD, AP damage and then are Ignited for a period of time.