Crypto Metropolis

Ronin The Avenger

How Kamiraki became Ronin
Ronin The Avenger
The outskirts of East Endor were known to host many slums, where the impoverished would gather to dig for food or other items of any value. This was a stark contrast to the wealthy who resided in East Endor, but neither the wealthy nor the poor were safe from the Apparitions (Evil Spirits that wield dark magic). Amongst the impoverished were two orphan siblings, Kamiraki and Akiko. They lived in the slums and made enough to get by, but both were hardened by their tough life. Kamiraki always thought it as his duty to protect his younger sister, as those were his father's last words. In doing so, he became a protector to the other orphans in the slums as well.
One day, while in the cover of darkness, a hoard of Apparitions appeared in the slums and attacked everyone. Many people lost their lives during the chaos, but Kamiraki showed maturity way beyond his years by protecting his sister and as many vulnerable people as he could. Just when it seemed like there were too many Apparitions to fight, an extremely bright light appeared in the sky. From what seemed like out of no where, Master INAZU (an honorary scholar of the great Cronos) and his squad of disciples appeared, and fought off the Apparitions valiantly.
After the battle, Master INAZU offered to take Kamiraki under his wing, and teach him the ways of the Avenger. Leaving Akiko behind reluctantly, Kamiraki joined Master INAZU on the quest to become a master of the 'Shadow less Sword'. After years of training, he was finally granted permission, and was ready to become the successor of Master INAZU, who was proud to pass the mantle on to his best student. Wanting to share his success with his sister, Kamiraki returned home to something he didn't expect.
As he entered, he could see signs that a struggle had ensued in his home. Upon further inspection of the house, he found a body laying on the floor. Fearing the worst, Kamiraki rushed to the body only to find out that it was his beloved sister Akiko, laying on the floor in a pool of her own blood. He could hear the laughter of the Apparitions with the howling strength of the wind blowing through. But this was not like something Kamiraki had felt before, he could feel the presence of another powerful and dark entity. He did not know what that was, but In that moment, the pain of losing his sibling was too much to bare and he did not realize that the murderer was that dark unknown entity. Kamiraki blamed himself for the death of his sibling, and left the slums in the dark of the night, putting an end to his misery and lighting the house on fire, ending his childhood.
KAMIRAKI left East Endo to hide from his traumatic past and sought revenge on the person who caused AKIKO's death. Due to the recent events in his life, Kamiraki had changed. The compassion and forgiveness he was previously known for were traits that were no longer existed within him, only the hatred he felt for the evil Apparitions and the murderer of his sister remained in his heart. Chasing his vengeance, he would purge all that was considered evil in his path, sometimes even humans. His rage pushed him to find the bane of his existence: That dark, unknown entity he felt that day his sibling was murdered. After years of searching, Kamiraki finally had found KAGURA the Dark Demon, and had laid out the perfect trap to catch the slayer of his sister. Vengeance would be his, and finally he could move on from this trauma.
Kamiraki was clever to corner Kagura on the road leading to West Endo. When Kagura finally realized that he was in a trap, he proceeded to attack Kamiraki, and a battle ensued between them. Kamiraki used the 'Shadowless Sowrd' on Kagura, who returned with his attack. As the dust settled, Kamiraki lay there on the ground, wounded from the battle, with a broken Katana blade, and Kagura's weapon wielding arm which he had swiftly removed. Kagura ran away, and Kamiraki laid there, waiting to die from his injuries so he could finally be re-united with his sister. As he lay there, a bright light suddenly lit up the sky above him, and a SpaceTime portal opened. And through the portal came Cronos - The Keeper Of Time. Cronos rescued Kamiraki and brought him to Crypto Metropolis.
When Kamiraki finally woke up, he realized that everything around him was very different. He saw Cronos again, and started sharing his story with him, recounting his suffering and loss. Kamiraki requested Cronos to let him become his disciple, but Cronos said that he was not ready to become his disciple yet, and that Kamiraki had to prove himself to Cronos. At first, Kamiraki was disappointed, but then he realized that his ultimate goal was to exact his revenge on Kagura, and to be able to do this, he MUST regain his resolve and his mental peace. He starts to meditate and learn the ways of the people in Crypto Metropolis. Over the years, he becomes at peace with his past. He realized that he no longer wanted vengeance, and instead he wants to protect the people of Crypto Metropolis from any Apparitions or evil spirits that may plague the land.
Finally, after years of meditation, Cronos accepted Kamiraki as his disciple, but gave him a new name: Ronin The Avenger. Under his wing, Cronos told Ronin the dangers that Crypto Metropolis and its citizens were facing in the looming war against Cetrius and the Legion Of Doom.

Ronin has the following skills:

Shadowless Sword
RONIN stabs sword consecutively 3 times with a 60* angle. This skill causes Attack Damage and will also increase the hero’s Attack Speed. The Shadowless Sword will damage enemies in Ronin's range.
Lightning Soul
Once Ronin's Lightning Soul meter is fully charged, he can automatically release lightning when he attacks (the lightning strike rate depends on Ronin's upgrades). Once Ronin uses this skill, the lightning Soul meter gets drained all the way, and he gains attack speed in certain time.
Eternal Light (PASSIVE SKILL)
Every time RONIN hits his enemies with Shadowless Sword, Lightning Soul will be charged by 20%. Hero making any movements will charge Lightning Soul automatically.
After reaching 100% Lightning Soul can help adding a certain percentage of Attack Damage and life steal (up to Lightning Soul point) when RONIN uses Shadowless Sword. After using the skill, the lightning Soul will immediately turn to 0.
Lightning Strike
RONIN deals area damage by slashing his blade multiple times. While using Lightning Strike, Ronin cannot be targeted and all negative spells and charms on him are neutralized.