Crypto Metropolis

Play and Earn

The Evolution Of GameFi
In the year 2021, the blockchain industry has witnessed the emergence and exponential growth of the Play-to-earn trend, where the successful projects were the ones who were able to execute the 'Earn' part more efficiently and effectively than the 'Play'. Players and investors were focused solely on earnings, whereas the gameplay aspect was not in demand. Most of the games that came to market during this period were Idle games or click-to-earn games and as a consequence, the lifespan of these games could only be measured in months or even weeks.
Today, due to the metaverse trend, the demand for user experience is higher than ever.
Play-and-Earn is the next level in the evolution of GAMEFI. It no longer focuses only on one part like its predecessor. Play-and-Earn will help to avoid inflation, which is inherent for an in-game economy system.
An MMORPG like Crypto Metropolis provides players with a virtual world where they can immerse themselves in different activities such as farming, trading, crafting, and forming guilds to fight together. The difference in economic value that Crypto Metropolis brings will be more clearly depicted in the Economic Model section.