Crypto Metropolis


Unique Technology Used
Crypto Metropolis will provide users with the unique ability to MOVE assets from one blockchain to another, and will do it in the following ways:
1. Token Chain Bridge: To ensure that players are NOT limited to one chain like previous projects, we will provide liquidity on 4 blockchains (BNB and SOL). Users can use the Token Chain Bridge provided on our website to convert the Chain for the Token they own.
2. NFT Bridge: We will provide users with a bridge to transfer the chain of your NFTs (ONLY Crypto Metropolis NFTs). After initial mint on home chain, you can trade your Character NFTs on any of the 4 designated chains (BNB and SOL).
3. CTM Marketplace: We will also provide users with a Marketplace based on the Crypto Metropolis platform so they may exchange / trade their NFTs.