Crypto Metropolis

Akiko The Enchantress

Story of AKIKO
Akiko The Enchantress
The center of North Endor was known as Sand City, and it was protected by the Army Of Light. Sand City was the last remaining stronghold against the legion of Apparitions in that area, who had chipped away at the Army Of Light's defenses. The apparitions had a secret weapon this time: The Shadow Killer. And Shadow Killer's mission was to break the 'Elemental Seal' on the roof of the Royal Palace and allow the rest of the apparition legions to enter.
Cetrius's great attack had started from North Endor. His plan started with taking Sand City to control all of North Endor, and from there amass an attack towards the South. Grand Master Maldoom had placed the Elemental Seal on the Palace, and after years of searching, Cetrius finally figured out the key to breaking the Elemental Seal: The One With A Pure Heart. This was Shadow Killer. Cetrius had raised Shadow Killer from when she was a child, teaching her the secret techniques of controlling Water and Lightning. But he had not told her about how they had been united, he had kept that a secret.
That secret was kept from her until later on. Shadow Killer was Akiko: Kamiraki's (Ronin the Avenger) younger sister, who had been killed in the attack by Kagura (the evil entity). Kagura had used a mystical blindfold on Ronin, which caused him to think that his sister was dead. This was done intentionally by Kagura to plant the seed of vengeance and hatred in young Kamiraki so he could be used as a pawn by Cetrius. Cronos was the one who spoiled his plans by rescuing young Kamiraki.
As Akiko grew up, she was trained daily by Cetrius himself, and she became an all powerful deputy general of the Legion Of Doom, assigned to this role by Cetrius himself. And she had only one task: destroy the Elemental Seal and make Sand City fall.
Sand City's day of reckoning was finally here. There stood Cetrius and Akika with the legion of doom, and across from them stood Cronos and Ronin with the Army Of Light. With just one attack combining water and lightning, Akika almost wiped out the whole 2nd Regiment for the Army Of Light. Finally, she was confronted with her brother Kamiraki. Kamiraki could feel something was not right, and they broke out into a fight. After an explosive battle, Kamiraki used the shadowless sword to bring the Shadow Killer to her knees. With his blade on her neck, he looked into her eyes and realized that it was his sister. He gathered his elemental energy and attacked Shadow Killer, but once the dust settled everyone realized that Ronin had broken the mask of control put there by Cetrius. Akiko fainted instantly, and fell. Cetrius saw this, and was forced to retreat with his army.
Cronos and Ronin bring Akiko back to Crypto Metropolis. Cronos works his relic magic to un-do the spell on Akiko, and her memory returned to her. Akiko and Ronin were re-united, and were happy as ever to fight again side by side. Cronos gave Akiko the task to protect the Endor realm. She was later known as "Akiko The Enchantress" because of her physical appearance and how she used it to get her way in the battle field.

Akiko has the following skills:

When this skill is activated, AKIKO receives Attack Speed and shoots Ice Arrows which slows any effect. Ice-Arrows will cause extra damage.
Deadly Lightning
AKIKO stands still for a short period of time to gather lightning (the longer the charge time, the longer the range and the stronger the damage will be) then will fire a directional bolt of lightning that deals damage over a wide area. After this attack, Akiko will gain a movement speed boost for a period of time.
Blue Shield
This is a semi-passive skill. When it is activated, AKIKO uses her own MANA to create the Shield protect herself and increase Dodge-Attack
Thousand Arrows
AKIKO shoots a Thousand Arrows causing wide area of damage. After using, hero increase AS and MS in a period of time.